Lia Sophia - Customer Service HORRIFIC!

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I had written to the company complaining about some bracelets I had purchased, I had spent hundreds of dollars of this jewelry, the catch for me was the jeweiry was supposed to be guarenteed for life, which is a joke!

Yesterday I recieved 2 calls from Chicago, supposedly from Customer Service Reps, at first who tried to say they wanted to resolve my complaints, but, that was NOT the case at all! Tom and Samantha (Tom being 1st Cust Rep who swore at me the entire time and Samantha who was his Supervisor who blamed the stretched elastic inside the jewelrt on swelling and bloating asking me if I was menapausel?

Are you serious?(My husband heard the entire call) and when I told the supervisor I was supposedly put thru to, the 1st man who berated me, called me a *** continued to do so all the while the supervisor absolutely denied the 1st man I spoke with was not there or on the phone, all the while my husband and I heard him continually calling me every name in the book including a c--t!, a *** etc.... I was flabbergasted!

The supervisor then asked what the issues were with 2 of the bracelets, and when I explained the elasticity was so loose he actually incinuated and had the gall to down right ask me if I was menopausel and perhaps due to swelling I had stretched the bracelets! I was over menapause #1. and #2.- I could not believe he actually tried that crap, talk about humiliating and CROSSING THE LINE!!

I have weighed 111 to 115 pounds for years and years, not that I should even have to defend myself. Just the fact this people think they can talk to customers like this is unimaginable! I beg any consumer to beware and warn you that your broken jewely will NEVER be replaced yet even though they are "Out of Business" they continue to sell this stuff online to make $ off unsuspecting consumers! and if you complain on their site, I hope you don't get a call from these two!

My advice=Steer Clear!!!!!

of any lia sophia NO matter how good they make the deal look, Ultimately you will end up with broken junky jewelry and God help you if you complain on their Complaints Site= You will be harrassed as I was. BEWARE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lia Sophia Bracelet.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.



I'm fixing a co workers Lia Sophia bracelets which both have stretched out. I have a product that I know will not stretch out under any circumstances. I have made many bracelets this way that I have had for years.


The part that really hurts is that it is your own fault for buying a pig in a poke ; why would you spend "hundreds of dollars" on anything you couldn't inspect or return ?There's one born every minute - that's why people like that stay in "business".

Lia Sophia - Bracelet Review from East Orange, New Jersey

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Bought a very expensive bracelet from Lia Sophia with lifetime coverage only to discover that the company will no longer honor it although they remain in business. Shame on you Lia Sophia!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lia Sophia Bracelet.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Lia Sophia - Bracelet Review from Bronx, New York

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Like everyone else, I have had many issues with customer service, with jewelry not being up to par and now stuck with a bracelet where the elastic broke inside and after emailing them, will do nothing about the problem. Truly disgusted. Is there any way I can get them to pay for the repair?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lia Sophia Bracelet.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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